Tuesday, October 02, 2007

So, What have I been doing?

Orange County Resort, Sidapur, Karnataka

Cauvery, in Sidapur, Karnataka

Random Greenery at the resort

View from Raja's Seat, Madikkeri, Karnataka

Orange County Resort, Sidapur, Karnataka

Abbi Falls, Madikkeri, Karnataka

Sunset in Kanyakumari

An abandoned sculpture outside the Thiruvattar Temple

Somewhere between Thuckalay and Thiruvattar in Nagercoil District


krishnan said...

I expected to see a few pictures of you posing with a glass of the eternal elixir a.k.a vodka. :)

Nandhu said...

you might want to change that caption of the last photo. it's kanyakumari district, not nagercoil district. nagercoil is only hq of kk dist.

Blogeswari said...

Hi Chenthil

Lovely pics.. COuld you please mail me orangecountry's phone numbers ? thanks


Lavanya said...

aha, this is a nice way to answer so, what have I been doing. In my case, I'll have to post pictures of the sky at different times of day and say, so this is what I've been looking at! No, I wasn't lost in a balloon or anything, yet...

Chenthil said...

Krishnan - this trip was sans elixir.

Nandhu - will make the correction

Blogeswari - mail sent. Check out their Kabini river resort too

Lavanya - welcome back. Been a long time away, eh?

Anonymous said...

Was just wondering where the hell you've vanished to!

This former resident of Jharkand is glad you are having a good time.


Have you read this one?
seems interestin.

Chenthil said...

Hi Anon, I have heard a lot about that book - Puyalile Oru Thoni written by Pa. Singaram. I haven't been able to get a copy though. Some like write Charu Nivedita consider it to be the best novel in Tamil. Apparently Singaram didn't write anything else.

sitara kumari said...

hope u njoyed a lot there,I was searching for resort in Bangalore ,I got few one of them was hill view resort