Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Economic Times makes news

That's right, they make up their own news. I picked this up from K's blog. This was ET's scoop on Tata Tea's new acquisition.

The Tata group seems to be closing in on yet another major acquisition. The salt-to-telecom conglomerate is in talks to buy UK-based speciality tea company Liberty Tea to expand its presence in the global beverages market and help it gain a larger share of the retail shelf space.

Group sources said that the discussions are at an initial stage and that senior executives of Tata Tea are examining the synergies that an acquisition could bring to Tatas’ current presence in the UK. Liberty Tea is a popular brand in Europe

This was picked up by Reuters and spread across the globe. Just google for Tata Tea Liberty.

Financial Times London decided to follow up on this news. This is what they found

But a search at Companies House revealed no such company. Directory enquiries drew a blank, and the omniscient Google was none the wiser.


Anonymous said...

After The Hindu...ipppo ET season?

sirpy said...

LOL.. But who s going to sue whom...?
Tata tea or ET..? Was misinformation provided by a Tata tea employee..? There is that possibility na..