Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last Man Standing - David Baldacci

I have this habit of reading a book to the end no matter how crappy it is. No book taxed me as much as Last Man Standing by David Baldacci. It was with superhuman effort (like that of the Hostage Rescue Team members of this novel) was I able to complete this. Unbeleivable plotlines, characters who can do anythnig that the novelist wants, surprise twists that are visible miles ahead, political correctness in every page - you name it, this book has it.

Web London, a Hostage Rescue Team member of FBI, suddenly freezes during a mission which leaves his other team members dead. He is now seen as a coward / traitor by the agency and has to redeem himself by tracking down the killers of his team. There is a psychologist thrown into the mixture, as is the ubiquitous hunk / sidekick of the hero. If you have read any Ludlum novels, you can predict the story as it is from the same template. Predictably this book was in the NY Times topsellers list. This was the first Baldacci book I picked up, and am sure that this will be the last too. Avoid it.


Amar said...

Read long time back one of his novel "The Winner". Was good.

Premalatha said...

//This was the first Baldacci book I picked up, and am sure that this will be the last too. Avoid it. //

Same. :-)

Echo/Lavanya said...

Absolute Power was okay, so was Total Control. After that it has been steady deterioration for Baldacci. And Chenthil, I hope you'll extend 'trying to read every book to the end' to Frederica too ;)

Chenthil said...

Amar, may be this was his worst.

Premalatha, thanks. This book was really bad.

Lavanya, I will. Am at the fag end of Sophie's World. Next will take up Frederica.

Amar said...

How's Sophie's World? Thinkin for quite some time about buyin that

D.N.A. said...

Chenthil, Baldacci is for airports and waiting lounges. He is English version of Rajeshkumar. Sure, has its uses.