Friday, March 16, 2007

Mr. Ram, please send Sainath to Nandigram

I am back to my favorite topic, picking up fight with The Hindu. First read today's editorial on Nandigram incident. If this had happened in any other state, Mr. Ram would have been his virtuous self, condemning the MNCs and the government. But this has happened in the Eldorado that is West Bengal. So he goes around blaming the opposition, the government, the farmers - everybody except CPI (M).

He is upset with the Governor too, for speaking out.
More disconcertingly, a usually sagacious Governor, Gopalkrishna Gandhi, stepped out of line in publicly airing his philosophical and tactical differences with the State government while expressing high-minded anguish over the Nandigram death

Usually sagacious? Now I know where Sudhish Kamath learnt his argument, "you are correct as long as you agree with me". And what is about "high-minded"? Does Mr. Ram say that the Governor was simply putting up an act?

The strap line on the front page report says "Violence again in Nandigram after Mamata Banerjee visits hospital". That is the most misleading statement in this issue, to put it mildly.

Mr. Ram, you do have in your ranks a journalist who can write evocatively on farmers issues. His haunting imagery leaves even the most cynical of the readers teary eyed. He answers to the name of Sainath. Send him to Nandigram, let him tell us what is the reality there.


Ravages/CC said...

Hopefully, Sainath will be shot dead after he turns in the first story.

Anonymous said...

As you rightly pointed out, I too share your feeling that The Hindu is soft pedalling on this issue. It is high time they send Mr. Sainath.

Anonymous said...

can you tell me where you got that sudish kamat quote?

Anonymous said...

Chenthil, you are spot on. When I read the editorial I too had the same feeling. Also, I was expecting an Editorial from N Ram about the behaviour comrades in the parliament when the Maritime bill was introduced. I was disappointed not to see one.

One of my friends hatest The Hindu because he believes this is a pro-communists paper.

Afterall this is the newpaper that talked about permanent government in West Bengal.

Saravanan said...

How can Ram write against his friends, the permanent government of WB ;)

Anonymous said...

i think we must send chenthil.

Anonymous said...

"The Hindu " Ram is communit from his student life and continuing with CPI (M) . how you can expect neutral ?

All Newspaper in Inida are biased either with cong/bjp/commies

KR said...

Ravages, WTF?

Kavitha said...

Your sad views on the subject interest absolutely noone except yourself perhaps, who has written most of these anonymous comments. And stop hankering after publicity by mentioning Kamath's name. He's made a movie, you're just getting deeper into your pool of shit.

Anonymous said...

@kavitha, i think most of the people are anonymous because they are being nasty to chenthil. they are obviously sarcastic. at least i was when i said let us send chenthil. he knows so much.

King Annonymous said...

King Annonymous strikes again!... Hey you nuthead centhil!... I dont understand that why do you make such a "SCENE" whenever Hindu goes wrong.
I agree with Anonymous to send centhil to nandigram. I am sure the article written by hindu will THEN interest him "Violence again in Nandigram after Centhil visits Mental hospital" or "Centhil learns his lessons the hard way". Any what has RAM got to do with this anyways. and for your kind reason it was Trinamool which did the major damage and not CPI(M).If you have not read it properly read it again

"The anti-Left Front alliance spearheaded by the Trinamool Congress, in which naxalites, the Jamiat ulema-e-Hind, and other extremist elements have made common cause, was protesting the proposal to create a Special Economic Zone in the area, although Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has repeatedly declared there would be no forced land acquisition in Nandigram."

raje said...

Any criticism of Sudhish always sends anonys to the attacker's blog with such comments. Go figure!

Ram is the guy who used to display his communism by driving in his Car upto Iron Bridge and sending back the driver from there and walking the rest of the distance to Presidency College. Read this somewhere. Dont things add up now?
A Communist sympathiser who does everything to monopolise Hindu's hold in Tamilnadu, which is the only strength his family has anyway.
A Red talker who sides up against the farmers and with the government when the government is Communist.
Child is the father of man.

Arry Potter said...

tired and bored of reading pathetic blogs check out King Annonymous blog at to read more about "Bloopers by sudish kamat!"

Gangamitra Baidyanathan said...

The comments going on are nonsense. You South Indians should ask Bengalis how they feel about it. Everybody condemned the shooting, but also condemned the violence kept in place by Mamta's TMC, Naxalites, BJP and Jamait Ulema for last two months. The area Nandigram was virtually a freeland for them for looting, raping, killing at will. Govt. had to step in to restore law & order and democratic right to the displaced people from Nandigram.
Please don't argue like children without knowing real fact.

Kavi said...

I'm Kavita, not anonymous, and I'm glad someone noticed Hindu's horrible bias on Nandigra. But it's not because Ram is 'communist' - after all, the protesting peasants at Nandigram too were communists, and had been since the Tebhaga movement! It's because RAm is with CPI(M) which is shifting away from communist policies. I too wish Sainath would choose to go to Nandigram without waiting for Ram to send him...
As for the bengali guy who's telling us not to be children - does he know how thousands in bengal - including the most illustrious intellectuals, artists, and writers - have spoken out against CPI(M) on Nandigram despite being long-time supporters of the CPI(M),and Bengalis to boot? Mamata is only trying to cash in on what is a genuine issue of the Bengal peasantry.

Antarin said...

Hey Dabbler the Babbler. You are not ready enough to take on Sainath or N. Ram right now. Get your theoretical insights corrected first. Just a few points should help -
1. The bulk of the electoral support of CPM comes from the rural bases. Only a dumb-ass would want to create unwarranted trouble in the heart of its on support base. But thankfully the CPM is run by a solid and intelligent party-organisation and not Mr. Dabble the Babbler.
2. While Mr. Dabbler Babbles on, the CPM faces a daunting task of bringing industrialisation to a state where density of population is one of the highest in India, and where its own pro-poor land reform policies has provided security and prosperrity to small and middle farmers. The fact that farmers resist is also substantially due to land-reform measures of the CPM in the earlier years.
3. The last assembly elections which involved massive deployment of non-west bengal police force and skeptical observers from the election commission, showed to all the babblers that CPM doesn't win by either scientific rigging or scientific violance (whatever these nonsense terms mean)...cos it literally swept the elections.
4. Arild Ruud, a norwegian researcher and bengali scholar was stunned when he travelled to a village council with Biman Basu and heard the village women address him as Biman da, rather than Biman babu . Not many political leaders in India command such relationship with the masses.
5. Read some articles by Prabhat Patnaik and David Harvey on the theory and practice of neo-liberalism. West Bengal is just a state within a country. When the whole world is under the assault of neo-liberal ideology, it is stupid to assume that west bengal would become a radical exception. The question is to see the difference between who is driven by what motivation. But that's too subtle and scientific an analysis for babblers to engage in. You may try to read the west bengal HDR too...its easy reading ;)
6. Well...I could go on and on...but it would be a waste of time. In this whole blog of yours I couldn't find a single line of any degree of theoretical clarity. To go up against titans like Sainath and N. Ram would be suicide for you at the moment. But then, most babblers don't realise when they are steamrolled by superior arguments and reason....they just go on blogging and blabbering.

Well...that's all ;) Must get back to work now. Thanks for being the punch-bag for the evening.