Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Hindu Goof ups - Tata Steel becomes a subsidiary of Corus

Read the sub heading. The entire article is here

Of course the PTI report inside states that Corus will become a subsidiary of Tata Steel. I am not very sure of the way a newspaper operates, but I assume that the headlines are written by the paper, not the news agency.

Pre emptive note to articulate Hindu journalists who blog : I know that you people work under deadline pressures daily, I know that none of you are idiots to not know that Corus is becoming a subsidiary of Tatas. Still, this being the main paper and not the free mint you throw to us readers just so that you can rope in the advertisers, I thought I should point out this glaring mistake. Thank You.


Nandhu said...

pti stories do come with headlines. but most newspaper try and give their own headlines. the above fault is most probably of the sub who made the page.

'To become subsidiary of Tata Steel' would be the correct headline.

Obviously, someone goofed up. They didnt know who was watching!

raj said...

Chenthil, you two-bit blogger with too much free time. how can you understand the pressurs faced by Hindu journalists - what with 'highly philosophical' he and she columns to write, movies to make and on top of it stories to publish. As though anyone who is silly enough to read Hindu's business page(does anyone even go beyond the sports page - i assume, like me, everyone starts from the back!) wouldnt know that its an error! At Hindu, they place a lot of faith in the readers you see - readers of Hindu are not dumbfucks like the ones that patronize DC, IE, TOI etc - Hindu trusts its readers to make necessary corrections themselves - which is why it empploys men and women who spend their time partying and making movies :-)

Chakra Sampath said...

Chenthil, as i suggested long ago how about starting a separate blog on the goof ups of Hindu.

Chenthil said...

Nandhu, be thankful that I am not reading DC :-)

Raj - that's a good concept. We will publish what we want, it is for the readers to make corrections themselves.

Chakra - that will become boring. This is like spicing up my blog now and then :-)

Nandhu said...

actually, i am. remember what nagesh says in thiruvilaiyadal. kuttram kandupitiche per vangum pulavar.

King Anonymous said...

The King Annonymous returns... After success in my earlier post "The audience is smarter"... I am all set to pounce in this battle as well...The Hindu to me has been far better in terms of goof-ups as compared to TOI or Mid-Day. Times of India has landed itself in severe trouble by publishing false information. Infact mumbai mirror and midday have more brewed up more masala than any paper.... and the worst part is that they still manage to get away. Once Mid-Day published an article about someone with wrong photo and this guy was getting hit all across... Howzzat! trust me there are papers that have ruined lives of many people just for the magical word "Entertainment". What more is that these papers have huge readership thanks to its hot gossips column. Hindu has never written wrong about anyone and its goofups look far more genuine than any other paper. Boy 'O' Boy I love these goofups and keep it up Hindu.It is important for you guys to party and make dumb movies like this one ""
Hope we see more masala from Hindu Soon!

Anonymous said...

See today's Hindu Goofup
Australian PM: 49 killed in Indonesian plane fire

at the first look up it seems australian pm is among the dead.

Although Iam fan of thehindu

raj said...

anony, idhu remba over. Cycle gap-la auto vidareengalae.Colon appadaingara punctuationku oru use irukku. Adhai therinjikittu, apuram comment adinga

Anonymous said...


Guess N.Ram must be telling this,,,

idhukkagave vaangi Padipangalo...

( in vadivelu style..)

Arry Potter said...

Hey King Annonymous is finally got his own Blog