Sunday, December 24, 2006

Three Chennai Bloggers in Sunday Newspapers

Three Chennai Bloggers have made it to the Sunday Newspapers Today. The first is the most hated blogger of Indian Blogosphere, Nilu. Somehow The New Indian Express in all its wisdom, has given him a regular space for expounding his thoughts on, of all things, Economics. This is his second column in that paper, about the incongruity of PF. The crux of his argument is
Those who are covered mostly don’t need this security net. Even if they do, they like to have choices. Those who do need the system’s benefits, sadly, are not eligible.

The second blogger to make it to the newspaper is the big man (literally) of Chennai blogosphere, Chandrachoodan. In between worrying about losing his position as the pre eminent Chennai blogger, he has written a column, again in The New Indian Express, contrasting advertising with terrorism. Like you, I too am clueless about what it is supposed to achieve. If you want the moneyshot
Terrorism, at its basic level, is about destroying beliefs and changing perceptions. Much like advertising. A good idea, any idea, is at the core of advertising. And ideas are always destructive.

The third blogger is more popular, has better brand value and cares about his cyber real estate to the extent of registeting n domains in his name. Hence he gets written about in the leading Newspaper of the south, The Hindu. I doubt whether he would like the mention he gets though. In Sevanti Ninan's column, Media Matters, she analyses the growth of and what it means to news channels. While writing about the quality of stuff out there this is what she says,

Which isn't to say that there is great stuff out there. One tirelessly self-promoting Indian blogger can't get either his spellings or facts right. But who cares? He's got an opinion to air
. Of course she doesn't mention who the blogger is and with n + 1 bloggers out there, it might mean anybody. My bias leads me to conclude that it is India's No.1 Blogger, Kiruba.


Anand said...

Intha pasangalukkellam yaaru news'la edamkudutthaa? Aaamam enakku poramai!

Ravages said...

Anand poramai. Chenthil jealous. all jealous. I only good. I tell you, only I good. not nilu also.

anantha said...

Idhe dhaan nanum yosichen. And yes, ennakum poramai!

But one thing kinda bugs me. It appears that the pimp (the guy who runs the whorehouse is called the pimp, right?) and my "master" both are famous, while I am not.

Anonymous said...

கிருபாவை வம்புக்கு இழுக்களைனா உங்களுக்கு தூக்கமே வராதே. இனி அந்த ஆண்டவன் தான் உங்களை கிருபா ரசிகர்களிடம் இருந்து காபாற்ற வேண்டும். :)

Nilu said...

Your behavior is interesting. I think this dichotomy between you bloggers and us MSM folks is worth exploring.