Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blogcamp 2006

As you know by now, some good folks are organising a Blogcamp, an unconference of blogging. It promises to be interesting. There are path breaking topics being discussed, and cool people are attending. It is a one stop shop to meet all those who shape the Indian Blogosphere.

Unfortunately, there is a hitch. I might be going out of station from Sep 9th. It is unavoidable as I have to attend a real life conference across the shores. I really am missing all the excitement. Those who are attending, please blog about it. Some of the topics that I am interested are

Branding via Blogs by Kartik Kannan
The Best Blog - A Ranking System for Blogs through implementation of Markov Process - by Nilu


Premalatha said...

>It is a one stop shop to meet all >those who shape the Indian >Blogosphere.

unakku orree poramai. ;)

neha vish said...

nakkal nakkal *cough*

WA said...

YAYYYYY Nilu is gonna be doing a presentation, can't wait. Wonder if I could still find a ticket and get to Chennai in time for the blogcamp.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.

This, I think, is nakkal!

Vidya said...

nakkalaa ?? .. cha!!, I thought you were serious abt the cool folks in this camp :)

WA said...

comments are equal in number right now. oh no hang on with my current comment, you might be slightly ahead. Looking fwd to see who wins this race

A Deeper Shade of Blue said...

What no free beer?

A Deeper Shade of Blue said...

Will I get a "F-R-E-E" entry, If I bring my own beer?

Chenthil said...

Premalatha - yes what to do. I am like this only.

Neha - where, where?

WA - I am waiting for a podcast of the presentation.

Zero- what are you talking about.

Vidya - I am serious, see no smiley here.

WA - thank you for increasing my comment count.

ADS - if you have beer, you are in any where.

Anonymous said...

The first paragraph made me wonder if someone was ghost-writing on this blog.

Chenthil said...

Krithiga, how are you sure now that it is not ghost written?

Anu said...

Blogcamp organizers.. your site is down. Orre Database error.