Monday, July 03, 2006

Zidane Rocks

Receiving the ball on his ankle, tapping it up and heading it away, while Ronaldo looks stupidly not knowing what to do. The Brazil - France match was won by Zidane.

P.S. Christiano Ronaldo sucks. It was clear that he played a trick and got Rooney sent away, but why did he have to wink and give it away. If you are going to cheat, cheat properly.


Vidya said...

well, they managed to send away a star player and win the game. whatever it takes to get to the next step. but I doubt if Portugal is any match for Zitane & Co.

Anonymous said...

portugal is a bunch of cheats despite all the talent..reminds me of the 90's pakistan cricket team


Chenthil said...

Vidya, I seriously want to see Zidane neutralise C Ronaldo, like he did Ronaldinho of Brazil.

Varun, funny thing. That's what I was telling my friends yesterday - 90's Pak cricket team.

Karthik R said...

Rooney is a punk who got his comeuppance. He deserved to be sent-off.

The English press is apoplectic because the red card pretty much sealed England's fate.

Portugal are masters at conning the referee. But this red card was all Rooney. Hope France can sedn Portugal home. Allez Les Bleus.

inlivenout said...

Ronaldo having fixed the match, would of course give a stupid look at Zidane.
Well,Rooney played WWF during this WC..guess he forgot football temporarily.

Chenthil said...

Come on ILO, I don't think Ronaldo would have fixed to lose, they would lynch him alive in Brazil. Having said that we didn't lynch Azhar, did we?

Rooney did stamp his authority, only it wasn't on the competition, but the competitor.

WA said...

OMG what a stupid thing to do in your last game