Friday, July 28, 2006

Il Postino

This was an interesting scene from the Italian movie "Il postino" (The Postman).

There is a naive postman in an Italian village whose job is to deliver mail to Pablo Neruda who has taken asylum in Italy. The postman befriends Neruda and starts to learn poetry. In the course of time, the postman meets a girl and falls in love. He recites poems to her and she falls back in love. He tells Neruda that the girl is in love with him after she heard him recite poetry. Neruda asks what poetry did you recite and he answers. Neruda says "What you did was wrong, you used my poems to
make a girl fall in love". For which the postman replies in all innocence "Poetry belongs not to the one who creates it, but to the one who needs it the most"

P.S. To those readers who are wondering from when did Chen start seeing movies, that too classics - the entire post was an email from a friend.


F e r r a r i said...

I am getting reminded of Duet. The way K Balachandar ripped apart good music and poetry. Prabhu blowing saxophone like a baloon vikkaravan and reciting poetry like a maLigai kadai list!

ashok said...

i have seen this movie :)

arvind said...