Monday, April 10, 2006

A Plug

I find that many of my friends are not aware of one of the best Indian sites. No, I am not talking about the blog nobody talks about. What I am plugging here is, the smart drinking website. Bar reviews, Cocktail recipes, Booze basics - it is a treasure trove of information.


D.N.A. said...

That's a nice catch, man!

Ravages said...

it undoubtedly is.

ராம்கி said...

அதெல்லாம் இருக்கட்டும். தமிழ் பிளாக் கன்டினியூ பண்ற ஐடியா இல்லையா? சும்மா கேட்டேன்! :-)

Chenthil said...

DNA, that plug was made after reading your post.

CC, How does it benefit you?

Ramki, Tamil blog was supposed to be for my creative works. Unfortunately KaRpanaik Kudhirai kollu thinga poi vittathu

Cosmic Voices said...

thanks ...its indeed a great site.....and loved their prayer...
if my senses still remember you after i enter the pub next time, i shall toast you for this post

Krishnapalaven said...


Chenthil said:
"Unfortunately KaRpanaik Kudhirai kollu thinga poi vittathu "

What is the meaning of the sentence?

I'm french-speaker. I don't speak tamil very well, I'm still learning it. Neither do I speak so good english!

But I'm searching for my ancestors, and I know I've got to search in tamil Nadu, cause the most of the indian Reunionese people (my country is Reunion Island), are children of the Tamil people who have been carried in our island in the 19e century to work in sugar cane fields..

I wanted to know what does "karpanaik" mean in reality? Because it seems to be the name of my grand-father's grand-mother.

NanRi for answering my request...! :-)

Krishnapavalen said...

I only know that KaRpanaik Kalanjiyam was a great poet.

Can somebody tell me more about this name?

Thank you very much.