Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chat between Chandra and Chen

5:59 PM me: cha, no arrest warrants or libel suits so far
6:00 PM Chandrachoodan: fear not dear soul
take heart
tomorrow might be your day (or not, depending on how you see it)
tera number bee ayega
6:01 PM me: I would like a libel suit, so I can beat to death the free speech arguments The Hindu used when they were served warrants
Chandrachoodan: :D
and a concerted campaign on blogdom
how individual v big-corporation
6:02 PM matters
me: will do good when some one wants to organise a protest march to The Hindu office (mostly it will be a bong) and I come with the argument that I hate commies
6:03 PM sometimes the imagined world is far better than reality
Chandrachoodan: :D
for many, perception colours reality
6:04 PM me: ha. is there a reality
Chandrachoodan: there's a perceived reality
and there's a real perception
me: and there's a blog
6:05 PM Chandrachoodan: no
the order of things in this space-time continuum is this way
there's a perceived reality
there's a real perception
there's a perceived perception
6:06 PM and then there's a blog...which might not really be there
me: now you are on your way to becoming a magical realism writer
6:07 PM Chandrachoodan: i was it before there was an it
you remember my cat, well and bell post that sparked off here?
me: yes, yes. I am becoming old
6:08 PM Chandrachoodan: well, forget it
me: check middlestage for another couple of posts on Borges
Chandrachoodan: ok
me: I was so impressed that I ordered "With Borges" book from UK
Chandrachoodan: ohok
me: through our favorite quicktale writer :-)
6:09 PM Chandrachoodan: ah ok
that reminds me
wht about shofie?
me: she is here. If you want just mail her and ask
I will also join you
Chandrachoodan: ok
6:10 PM will do
i am not sure she will even know who i am
i've lurked only on her blog
6:11 PM me: then come out of the closet
Chandrachoodan: :D
reality colours perception
would you agree?
6:12 PM me: i thought it is the other way around
Chandrachoodan: well, that's what we perceive it to be
but reality would dictate otherwise
6:13 PM i think, what we see around us, the so-called reality colours our perception of things around us
me: all you need is a good cup of coffee or the alternate - orgasm
Chandrachoodan: for example - take the 5 terrains described in tamil
6:14 PM tamil talks of aindhuthinai - kurunji, mullai, neydhal, palai and marudham
but it leaves out snow
but snow is a reality, which just doesnt exist in tn...and hence that reality was not perceived by the ancients
6:15 PM and so they perceived only the 5 they saw as reality and left out the final reality
i should write a book
i am just the perfect amount of vagueness
6:16 PM me: and I will sue for internalising my thoughts
6:18 PM Chandrachoodan: whatever
publicity - a lawsuit particularly
is good for book sales
6:19 PM me: But Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan is not as easy on tongue or eyes as Kaavya Vishwanathan
Chandrachoodan: we shall make a virtue out of being hard on the tongue
6:20 PM and henceforth, short names are a sin
me: but what about being easy on the eyes?
Chandrachoodan: we shall be (and we here is I) the John Galt alter-ego
oh - easy on the eyes - nothing a little plastic surgery cant fix
6:21 PM me: I doubt any amount of plastic surgery can make you look like KV
Chandrachoodan: hrt and some silicone can
me: okay dream on. It is afterall your perception
6:22 PM but do read that - is he real Chandrahas
Chandrachoodan: is he real chandrahas?
6:23 PM me: I mean how can some one blog so well
Is he real, Chandrahas
lost the comma
Chandrachoodan: yes he seems to be
ravikiran hasmet him
6:24 PM me: is the ravikiran you met the same ravikiran who met Chandrahas
Chandrachoodan: well, i was not at the other meeting
me: obviously, otherwise you would have met Chandrahas
6:25 PM Chandrachoodan: yeah
i was not
i was not i
i am not i
i will not be i
6:26 PM me: but you ar eyou
Chandrachoodan: am i
me: atleast the pixels on my screen say so - and not all my friends are so cranky
Chandrachoodan: how do you know this craziness is I
6:27 PM what if chandrachoodan was a corporation and the person you met is the spokesman
what if selectiveamnesia was a slave-labour-penned blog
1000 slaves who have been forced and tortured and trained to write such crazy stuff
6:28 PM and i and my evil twin brother are the public face
me: I know your dad works in HTC, I have met guys who worked under your dad, and I know that the human I met IS Chandrachoodan son of Gopalakrishnan
Chandrachoodan: see, perception doesnt colour reality
6:29 PM me: and a million monkeys typing on million keyboards cannot create so much nonsense
Chandrachoodan: i would contest it
i am also, on behalf of the million monkeys corporation, suing you for libel
6:30 PM me: the only example that is in your favor is
Chandrachoodan: :D
they dont have a perception
they dont have a reality
all they have is a blog
which might as well not be there
6:31 PM me: I will tell you a short form of a borges story - A man decides to create another man by his thought process alone. By thinking he creates a human being, finger by finger, gives him life and sends him out to the world
The creation is called the man who can't be burnt because he was created by thought
6:32 PM after finishing this, the creator rests happily when a fire accident happens in his place.
He waits to embrace death, but to his horror finds that fire passes through him,
that is the story
6:33 PM He writes it beautifully, I have just given the gist

Part II


D.N.A. said...

Oh boy! It is some mind numbing mysticism....

Anonymous said...

No offence gentlemen, but is this a late follow up on Vodkathon? Or is this just my perception? Or did I imagine inside my head that I got drunk (in which case my perception has no reality at all)?

But that said, do get cranky often. Please.

Ravages said...

6:33 PM He writes it beautifully, I have just given the gist

Yes, I do. I write beautifully. :)

@Krithiga: I agree...all of us need to be cranky more

Chenthil said...

D.N.A - mind numbing I agree, mysticism?

Krithika - I was waiting for someone to comeup with that. No this is not a followup of vodkathon, check the time stamp. It is the transcript of a chat conducted during officehours.

And we will get cranky, often

Nilu said...

and this is cranky?......