Saturday, March 25, 2006

Moral policing in Mumbai

The neighbours said Gajbhuje used to regularly get prostitutes to his home, flouting society norms. Gajbhuje is a bachelor who stayed alone.

In a written complaint to the police, the residents have stated that Gajbhuje was a bad influence on the society.

At 12 midnight, when Gajbhuje came in with Laila (name changed), the society members immediately informed the police.

PSI Harishchandra Jadhav of MIDC police station said, �Gajbhuje�s neighbours kept a watch on his movements regularly. They informed us immediately, when he entered the society premises with Laila.�

From Mid day report

Poor neighbours. They had to be awake till midnight to catch him, checking their clocks and looking at his house hiding behind their windows. Why couldn't he have come home earlier and made their job easier?


I said...

What is morality but self-righteous hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

this is voyeurism....this is not upholding moral in society

rahul said...

bad bad bad!