Tuesday, March 28, 2006


From where does this music rise - who
composed this melody- my friend?

Is it from that hillock? - or
from the boughs of this tree? - or
from the expanse of space? - makes
me lose my posture - this music.

The resounding waves of - divine Yamuna
river, is it from there? Or
the rustling leaves of the grove,
does this rise from there like nectar?

Is this from the forests? - Is it
the moon's breeze?- Does this song
waft from lands across the oceans?
This melody's melting my heart.

Is there any bird - that
sings this elixir like song?
Or is this the music of invisible elfs
playing their divine instruments?

Kannan's melodious flute is this,
elixir on my ears, poison in my heart
This is not a song but a dart
to pierce the heart of his lover, my friend

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