Thursday, February 02, 2006

Living to tell the tale - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

It is like those director's cut DVDs lapped up by hard core fans. If you have read any Marquez book, then you can identify the roots of the story in his biography Living to tell the tale.

It is a typical Marquez book, moving back and forth in time like his fiction. He lets you into how he became a writer, his awful spelling, his influences ranging from Faulkner to Kafka. Marquez's books rise to a crescendo and suddenly drop to a lull. He is the master of varying the pace of the story. The same thing happens in his autobiography too, especially the days after the murder of the Liberal Party candidate Gaitan during Columbian elections of 1948.

It is a refreshing read, a must for any Marquez fan.


Anonymous said...

more info about marquez plz

don't tell read the book to know more..

Chenthil said...

Anon, I take you at face value. Check the Wiki Entry

Bart said...

I've been carrying the book around for past 6 months or so! I read around 50 pages stop. Start again from 20 pages back and so on.. Last i remember i had reached around 200.. Ur post has now inspired me to complete the book over this weekend..

Anonymous said...



Got it.


Karthik said...

And... one more book joins the queue.