Wednesday, February 22, 2006


98411 14749 - Thats my mobile number. Call me whenever you need anything ok. I can get things done for you, I have been in this city for long. See that bank, I have an account in that bank 0009101011565. You have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 50,000.00 you know. They even issue a credit card with Rs. 5,00,000.00 credit limit. I am their preferred banking customer so they have issued me this platinum card 4374 0909 9191 2006. All I have to do is call their number and tell my PIN (Personal Identification Number) and my entire banking history is available over phone. There are so many cards and things, so I keep my PIN same everywhere 9009. It is easy you see, I was studying in 9th Standard in '90. I always had a way with numbers. Take my car number for example TN 07 AC 1729. I particularly wanted this number because of Ramanujan, you don't know the significance of this? I have to tell you sometime later. What, you didn't get my name?

This is my attempt at a short story. The numbers are fictitious. But with the proliferation of numbers, some of them might be actual ones. If so, it is entirely unintentional


Ravages said...

Comment number one. very good. I do think, if you had extended it a bit, just a tad more and gave it a twist, 'twould have been better

Nilu said...


Anand said...

That's uncanny. Just this morning I heard a Ronnie Barker sketch on radio that was very similar.. and it did have little twist in the end as well.
Just ignore all the trails and promos before the program actually begins!

Anand said...

Damn it.. here is the link in three parts, stick them together!

Chenthil said...

CCG, I wantedly avoided a dramatic twist.

Nilu, correction made.

Anand, will check the link. And great photo of yours that was.

tilotamma said...

Funny - I am just reading The Man who Knew Infinity by Robert Kanigel,
he is the diro. of the Graduate Program in Science Writing at MIT.

Nilu said...

Death to those who read something I hasve not/have no intention of reading.