Saturday, December 31, 2005

Self Discipline

Things that are visible to me
Won't my hands take them all?
The sky that's visible from earth
Won't that become ours to call?
Thinking forever and trying
hard, will we finally lose?
Tell me O goddess thou who
are the sky, earth, my eyes and numbers.

The Promises, the pride, the successes
So many priveleges!
Control over self shall
get these and more
told the wise men of yore
in the scriptures.
Yet will we stand low
failing to control our self?

Cross posted in A Spark of Fire


Deepa said...

you are the king of translation:-)

Anonymous said...

Is //in the scriptures//necessary? I think it's obstructing the flow.

Chenthil said...

Anon, I do agree, but I have to include "uraitha maRaip poruL", so I thought I would stay true the original

arvind said...

"told the wise men of yore
in the scriptures."

Will it be better to say

"told the wise men
in the scriptures of yore."

lenscrafter said...

Excellent poem, chenthil. Was this by Bharatiyar ? Two questions:

1. vasappatalagatho ? means what ?

2. urathha means said, but what is urathha marai porul ?

tamil poetry is beautiful, how lucky i am to have learnt tamil, and how indifferent i was when i did learn it.

Chenthil said...

Lenscrafter - this is the poem Athma Jayam by Bharathiyar.

Vasapadalaagaatho- means "won't it come under my control"

Uraitha Maraip Porul - Uraitha is said. Maraip Porul is scriptures / Vedas / Revered book. Thirukkural is called Ulagap Podhu Marai.

lenscrafter said...

chenthil - thanks for the elucidation. can you further dissect vasappadal: is there a word called vasappu, if so does it mean control ? thanks