Monday, December 05, 2005

Chennai - Tuticorin Service by Air Deccan

I still can't believe it, but it is true. Air Deccan is starting Chennai - Tuticorin air service, from 1st Feb 2006. You can book from their website now. Thanks to reader T. Senthil Durai from Tuticorin for pointing this. (Actually this is more unbelievable, there are regular non blogger readers for this blog).

Chennai----> Tuticorin
09:15 11:15
Madurai--------> Chennai
10:50 12:55 ( via Tuticorin )
18:50 20:05
Madurai ----> Tuticorin
10:50 11:15
Tuticorin --------> chennai
11:15 12:55


Anonymous said...

Sorry, two things, none of them concerning Air Deccan.

(1)Regarding American authors, I'll put my finger on Hemingway. Old man and C++ er... Old man and the Sea is good start.

(2) Regarding the review "Simply Beautiful", I'd suggest this bloke who writes such similar reviews for Economic Times (I think), and who thankfully has a blog

Chenthil said...

Krithika, Hemingway is on my list for a long time. C++ :-).

Will you believe that I actually have met Samanth in a blog meet :-)

arvind said...

where is the airport in tuticorin?

Chenthil said...

It is in Tuticorin - Tirunelveli Road.

lazygeek said...

chenthil, this is how it starts. cool man. if you know what i am talking about.

Chenthil said...

Understood Lazy.

Ideamani said...

Wow, this is great ! I cant wait for Air Deccan's IPO !

Anonymous said...

Actually this is more unbelievable, there are regular non blogger readers for this blog
Yes, there are.... :)
Probably more than you think...

Not sure if this was what Lazy was hinting at... but, I'd like to think he was...

Yours is one of the blogs I really enjoy reading. Keep the good work going, buddy...

arvind said...

This anonymous sounds like KK to me

Anonymous said...

It is great that Tuticorin is finally on the airmap after 9 LONG YEARS. It is high time Tamil Nadu starts emulating Kerala. Kerala is going to start construction of its 4 th international airport in Kannur. Tamil Nadu just has 2 with Tiruchi under utilized. TN also so many 'idle' airports - Vellore, Salem, Pondicherry etc. Tuticorin has just come out of being idle. TN should have its own airline (like what Kerala is planning) that would serve Tamil diaspora esp in the Gult (who are the second largest Indian community). It is ironical that Kerala gets preferential treatment in terms of airfares and connectivity by our national carriers with airfares half of flights to TN. TN SHOULD UPGRADE ALL OF ITS AIRPORTS TO INTERNATIONAL STATUS. Chennai is clearly not enough due to the sheer distances to the South.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I 'm pleased that there is a service from Chennai to Tuticorin. Makes my travel to my village near Tenkasi easier. Do you guys know how reliable this service is ? I'm in India for just 2 weeks and plan a trip to my village. Can I rely on this flight leaving on schedule ? Any thoughts or view appreciated

Anonymous said...

Rely on God and go ahead, He will take care of you guy !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I came to know that the Chennai- Airdeccan service is good.

If Fares are less ,sure all will fly but recently the taxes have soared and made the tickets more costly.

But for a tourist who want to visit Madurai or other southern part of TN then Madurai /Tuticorin is well connected with Chennai..


( myself not from Tuticorin from Cbe -have roots in Nellai district and now at Hyderabad ! )

request :- kindly spread the message to all Tuticorin ppl who is in abroad

Anonymous said...

It is pathatetic that Karunanidhi does not care about TamilNadu's airports. There are only 4 operational airpots. Why have Vellore and Salem been neglected.

Why cant TN form its own Aviation authority.

This Airport Authority of India is stupid organization which only siphons of funds for Delhi and Bombay. ALl they care is Hindianizing all the airport which is why TamilNadu airports are filled stupid staff who dont know a word of Tamil.

TamilNadu should immiediately take control of all its 7 airports including Vellore, Tuticorin and Salem and operate its own airline which will annouce in Tamil.

TN should also ensure preferance for Tamil speakers.

Karunanidhi's election promise of Tamil annoucments is an obvious bogus.

Anonymous said...

Tamil Aviation Glossary

Anonymous said...


This is with reference to the marketing of Hosur Special Economic Zone
by ELCOT and TIDCO. Hosur SEZ is shown in their websites to be 'only
one and a half hours' from Bangalore International Aiports. The
website goes on to list all the international airlines and other
feature of Bangalore aiport. Any one experienced with Bangalore's
roads would realize that the journey from Hosur would take almost 3
hours to reach the new Bangalore airport.

May I ask TIDCO and ELCOT whether they are marketing Bangalore Airport
in Karnataka or Hosur in Tamil Nadu? It is needless to say that the
distance and time to the new Bangalore International Airport is is
not something to be marketed as an 'advantage' for Hosur. Tamil Nadu
government should realize Hosur's own potential and make plans for an
airport there.

Perhaps Tamil Nadu adminstrators could learn from their Kerala
counterparts as that state will soon have its fifth operation
international aiport, taking more of TN air passengers in the process.

Anonymous said...



Increase flight service

The Tuticorin airport is catering to the travel needs of the people hailing from the southern districts of Tuticorin, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari.

But the flight services from the airport are inadequate, owing to the careless attitude of the authorities.

The only flight service from the town is to Chennai. Even the number of seats on the Chennai aircraft should be increased. Till date, the airport lacks proper shuttle trips to places such as Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Further, industrial activities in the southern districts are increasing than ever before.

The local people are demanding for more flight services through various forums. But unfortunately, there are no proper steps taken by the authorities to increase the flight services.

Senthil Saravana Durai,
The Hindu dated 9 - 9 - 2008

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