Saturday, December 03, 2005

Chennai battered again

Looks like the now weakened Cyclone Bazz was waiting for the India Srilanka Test Match to begin. On the morning of 2nd December, the sky opened up. Non stop rain as before. By evening all the roads were flooded. I took Mount Road, fairly clear and entered GN Chetty Road which was a swimming pool. Cenotaph Road, which is normally clear was also flooded. Chittaranjan Road, (the road next to Cenotaph Road ICICI) is in knee deep water.

My brother in law's Ground Floor flat in Mogappair is about to be flooded. Looks like the Ambattur Lake has breached / opened and the water is flooding Mogappair. Situation is bad in Arcot Road, Valsaravakkam too. Our famous non blogger CCG, is sitting in a bus in Pattabiram for the last 4 hours with traffic building up on either side. Last time he came to Chennai, he spent 8 hours stranded in a train.

Now, the sun is out and the weather is warm. But the flood water (mixed with sewage) in many places is yet to recede. The suburbs are badly hit.

P.S. And whoever stole my post about the last rains and put it up in Rediff readers comments, please do not include my mail id this time. I am getting too much spam because of you.


Anonymous said...

Sorry man, did not mean to give you spam mail. Just wanted others to read the fine articles you write.

tilotamma said...

Yeah I remember seeing that in Rediff ...