Saturday, November 26, 2005

South Tamilnadu flooded; Villages marooned

Severe rains have lashed South Tamilnadu for the past three days. Districts normally that are drought prone like Ramanathapuram, Tuticorin, Sivaganga have been receiving copious rains. Many tanks are overflowing. Rail and Road transport between Chennai and Tircuhi have been broken for the past two days. Tiruchi city, Srirangam, Lalgudi and other towns are severely flooded. There are not many bloggers from south Tamilnadu, so you won't be getting much news from blogs. Better check the newspapers to get the real picture.


Anonymous said...

Was thinking of the same thing yesterday, not many bloggers in Southern TN. Hope things get better soon


Jeevan said...

the Cadalore is the worst affected district in TN. the people who have died on Bus, in the flood, there soul rest in peace.

Kaps said...

i agree with the fact that South Tamilnadu doesn't have that many resident bloggers.

I do rely on for online news and daily news (9.15pm IST) to follow all the news. The good news is that the BBC Tamil program's audio is archived for 24 hours.