Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A lot can happen over Coffee

Me: Hi, I am leaving office now, can we meet at GN Chetty Road Barista before going home?

Wife: Ok.

At the Barista
Wife: Why this sudden plan?
Me: Today is the day I am dressed at my shabby best and I want to see them squirm at serving me.
Wife: "Withering stare" and a silence

And as we go in, some one calls her. It is her boss and mentor from her previous company. He is interviewing somebody, so is dressed in corporate wear and the contrast couldn't be more clear. I am grinning. We take the table farthest from him.

I place the order, and go and take the plate from the counter. And on reaching our table place it down, a little too fast. The smoothie I ordered tips and is all over the table.

A lot can happen over Coffee.


Nilu said...

Oh! you still go on a date with your wife?....pretty cool and all ..

I get bored with a woman on the 4th date - I wonder how it works with some married folks going on a date after close to 10 years of married life.

Chenthil said...

Oh, you call this a date? And I have been married for only 5 years :-)

tilotamma said...

I have been married foreever now, chen but am not bored on such 'dates'.... Like you say a lot can happen over a drink/beverage

Nilu said...

Seriously, I feel like telling the woman on my fourt date with her "Look, we have basically exhausted WW II, Sartre, Stupidity, Anarchism and Movies. You are just about an average woman and am an average dude as well. But for sex, there is nothing I look forward to."

But I don't and we just don't see each other again :)

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of mouna ragam coffee scene

Chenthil said...

Anon, crucial difference - I took my wife to coffee shop.

tilotamma said...

Chen :-)

The Talkative Man said...

ungalukku edhukku indha sadhi ellaam? kadaseela coffeela dhaan mann ottuchu :)

Hawkeye said...

nothin like drinkin coffee in the drive-in.. barista - hate it.

Anonymous said...

you get to talk about WW II, Sartre, Stupidity, Anarchism and Movies? Hmm.. I am very much alienated from girls and all that; but from what I hear (and no "assumptions" here), this is hardly the scenario. any comments/insights?
At least, I would like talking about the 3rd and the 5th item in the above quoted list :).

Chenthil, I know this is no forum. But was just getting curious and pardon me :).