Saturday, October 15, 2005

Unexpected consequences of IIPM fisking

Thalassa_Mikra does some original searching and digs out more info about Dr. Malay K Chaudhuri, father of Arindam Chaudhuri. Papa had stood in Orissa Parliamentary elections in 2004 and declared his academic qualifications. He had declared that he obtained MSc, PhD and DSc from Berlin School of economics in 1962, 1963 and 1970 respectively. Election Commission of India has put that affidavit on the net. Unfortunately the Berlin School of Economics seems to have been formed in 1971. May be he studied in some other Berlin School of Economics.

The election commission affidavits site is a gold mine of information. Dig into it for interesting information of assets and qualifications of your representative.

Disclaimer:I submit that the information reproduced here (with credit and URL reference to the Election Commission website) is solely for information and research purposes. Also, the information in the documents have not been altered and modified in anyway, and the quotes have been reproduced verbatim.

Update: A non blogging friend who got his doctorate from Germany sent this info. "Berlin School of Economics is a Fachhochschule (hochschule in german translates in school of higher learning. and a fachhochshule is a university of
applied sciences. The faculty in some of the fachhochschule in the german system are active in research, but the focus is clearly on education and not on research).

FACHHOCHSCHULES ARE NOT UNIVERSITIES. And remember that only universities can grant PhD degrees, so I wonder how this Fachhochschule could have granted him a PhD."


Mridula said...

Interesting links, I am going to dig it.

ammani said...

Chenthil! You are priceless! :D

Chenthil said...

Mridula, lots of interesting things in the EC website.

Ammani, credit to Thalassa Mikra.

Kaps said...

I also read's hilarious.
People are also doubting his Presidency connections.


Bachelor said...

chenthil, waiting for your side of the story...

Anonymous said...

This is turning out like the Parnab Mukherjee case!

In case you haven't read it, check it out, here, here and here