Friday, October 14, 2005

IIPM Humour

There have been n number of posts in Indian blogsphere over the past week about the IIPM controversy. Here are my two picks that stand out for the use of satire to make a mockery of IIPM.

First one is a limerick from Anantha of Sulfury

If the bloke does not express regret
We shall burn laptops," was the threat
The bloke gave a reply, befitting
By announcing that he was quitting

That one move by a plucky bloke
Reduced the to a joke
Now its reputation is in tatters
And it faces a mob of irate spatters

The second one is Great Bong's new endeavor Indian Institute of International Dreamers. He really rocks.

But the real humour is always provided by the renowned IIPM. This is straight from their job site, In the hot jobs link in the first page there is one job for ad typist dated 21st Sep 2005. Before that from 2003 till May 2004 the same jobs are repeated in a for loop - Pan IT Comm, Macleod Pharma, Global Trust Bank, Bahwan Automobiles Saudi, Saudi Basic Ind Corporation, STS India, Pan IT Comm, Macleod Pharma... Interesting. And if you thought groovyjobs is a job search site, you are mistaken. It is something more. As per IIPM's website GroovyJobs is powered by state-of-the-art client server technology and is one of the most effective database management systems available in the industry.. Yes it is a DBMS guys.


Bachelor said...


Any updates on the guy who got mugged by the RPF and Railway Ticket Collectors?

Also, any update on what happened to THE Park's license cancellation case in Chennai?

Ravages said...

Further digging into GJobs shows about 35-40 ads postings for Bahwan automotive and about 10 from Macleods. Interestingly, Macleods also advertises in the Hindu Opportunities for similar or the same jobs. Infact, there was one from Macleods in this wednesday's opportunities. check it out. Sounds like (this is my suspicion) GJ is lifting stuff from the MSM ads

Anonymous said...

they're state of the art grrovy jobs site is crap! built on with bad connections to db...

here's an employer login:
username: sobeys
password: 123456

btw... applied for that from a toronto spec email... what loosers at iipm....