Tuesday, October 25, 2005

IIPM - CNBC India covers it from UGC perspective

CNBC India had a two minute story on IIPM on 24th Oct 8.52 PM in their Current Affairs. I missed it, but was informed by my friend about it. They had a word with UGC Acting Chairman who said that "Master degree or any degree for that matter, can be granted only by a university recognized by the UGC". That's why many Management Institutes award PGDBA / PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration / Management) and not MBA. The story from CNBC website is here


Anonymous said...

Bullshit! IIPM awards degrees from IMI Belgium. So the UGC guy is right, but it has no effect on IIPM!

Chenthil said...

Anon, IIPM awards degrees from IMI Belgium, agreed. But Belgium Government organisation has gone on record stating that IMI degree is not valid in Belgium.


So where is IIPM/IMI degree valid, in Mars?

rocky said...

If any educated people saw the cnbc show it mentioned that the IIPM degrees are not recognised but for your information IIPM offers a diploma in management(PGDBM) .And if PGDBM's are not valid in this country then shutdown IIM's becasue they too award PGBM's

Chenthil said...

Rocky, can you understand anything. Read my post, it says since only universities can award Masters Degrees, othe management institutes award only PGDM/BA. But the great IIPM advertises it awards MBA. So who is bluffing?

Sumit said...


ALUMNI said...

With this curious issues of iipm, somebody from the alumni has mentioned that all students in iipm does the petty jobs in the industry. That is much humiliating for rest of the alumni like us, coz i am working at the senior position of the company.

Anonymous said...



varun verma said...

on the question of downing IIPM, i would like to say something. i ask any person launching a singer in his movie. If he gets two choices viz, a singer from SANGEET ACADEMY (recognized by UGC) and other option from FAME GURUKUL(not recognized fro UGC). Whom would he prefer? Obviously the one from Fame Gurukul. The message can therfore conveyed. The degree is not to be stuck but what has to be seen is the overall personality. IIPM is FAME GURUKUL in that respect.

Chenthil said...

You people are straining my patience. The question is not about UGC, it is about IIPM which is nothing but a big bluff. In case you guys still haven't understood it is a ponzi scheme. I give you a degree, recruit you to teach other trainees, and the chain goes. There will be smart students at IIPM, there always are smart students in any shitty institute, but that is inspite of the institute not because of the institute. But if I judge by the comments here, chances of a bright student at IIPM is remote.

Anonymous said...

Its clear that only confirmed morons have joined IIPM in the past and there will be many confirmed morons who will join IIPM in the future. No amount of blogging can save any moron from joining IIPM. So IIPM management have actually proved that (a) they are morons when they sued and protested. (b) they don't know that they are morons and need bloggers to tell them that. (c) they don't know that their students are morons and need bloggers to tell them that.

Anonymous said...

i am from IIPM.. and who on earth told that the average sal was 3.75 lakhs.. bull shit!!!!!!!!
yes some of us have got a good pakage..

and about IIPM .. i can bet that u will not get any other institute which is as good as iipm.. the course the prof. are world class.. so no shit out here

Anonymous said...

so u claim to save us eh... ya u guessed it right im an iipm student..... im a complete moron who has been placed in a Korean chaebol(they must be morons too to recruit me from campus).

if ever wanted to know the true scenario of what iipm placement is log on to my blog at corporateradical.blogspot.com and check my previous blog......

ps: newayz thank you for showing concern..... by the IMI Belgium is recognised by entire europe.... we will be having a IMI, london soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm an ex-student of IIPM and for many reasons i'm not happy with the management. but get one thing straight....

IIPM is a wonderful college. The course, the faculty and the resouces are unbelievable. So, its not recognised by AICTE/UGC...Big Deal.

The UGC act was passed at a time when there was no concept of private institutions. And the problem with this country is... ek baar jo rule bana diya so bana diya. they have never once thought of reviewing the act for the time has changed, the needs have changed etc.

And as for being a MORON! I'm a research Scholar with IIT, Kharagpur. Lets see who's a moron now.

Anonymous said...


It has become a fad to slander IIPM these days in the name of SENSIBLE and RESPONSIBLE BLOGGING. Let us be level minded while judging IIPM and these bloggers.

JAM magazine wrote IIPM campuses dont have WI-FI. This is a big lie. I study at IIPM, chennai which is just 3 years old and it has WI-FI. It has a computer lab with 20-30 computers and surfing is free of cost.

The classrooms have ACs on whenever students are in, no switching it off unless students request for.

Canteen is OK as they dont serve south indian food in south india!!!

You have a parking lot to park your bikes but if you have a car arrangements have been made to park them in a safe environment [ called drivers road ] nearby.

Seminars by faculty from international institutes take place at the RUSSIAN cultural centre hall.

As for the claim of IIPM fee structure includes cost of text books is a gobbledygook. They havent given any book so far and they provide only handouts which are mostly the prints of PPT presentations that lecturers show during class.

As for the slandering bloggers, who have been either IIM students or IIM appeasers or just IIPM-haters, you have made good as well as bad points refuting IIPM's tall claims.

IIM bloggers seem to be somewhat scared of IIPM and there seems to be some kind of ego conflict and their pride takes a beating when IIPM makes a claim , even if its true. This is the common heavy-headed IIMite attitude. So learn to practise modesty. [ I do accept IIPM did too much by saying think beyong IIM] .

Cracking the CAT doesnt mean you can crack real life codes. Most of the bloggers indulge in ad hominem against Arindam and his dad. His pony tail need not bother you.

Check with your facts and then criticize anyone. In the name of refutation you seem to be indulgin in circular reasoning and it shows only that you want to suppress the growth of IIPM students, which is clearly evident from your intentions.

Anonymous said...

as far as i am concerned IIPM is a one of the best management institue in india.

Anonymous said...

stop talkin shit about IIPM....if it is wrong and against laws...then why cant the government stop functioning of this institute. The fact is all are jealous of this institute which is doing so well.

Anonymous said...

I am ex IIPM student. No issues with people who speak against/for IIPM. Guys who havent got into any institute, weigh your options and if you feel you can make it against odds, join IIPM. Just concentrate on what you want to do, you will achieve it, institutes only offer a platform.

Dinesh said...

Dear Sir,

I'm planning to join for MBA course in Indian Institute of Planning and Management(IIPM, Bangalore), Kindly let me know if this is an recognised institute, will the degree we get here is recognised

Thanks and Regards


Varun Verma, 23, PGP/SS/06-08, currently working at Planman Marcom as a management trainee said...

on the question of downing IIPM, i would like to say something. i ask any person launching a singer in his movie. If he gets two choices viz, a singer from SANGEET ACADEMY (recognized by UGC) and other option from FAME GURUKUL(not recognized fro UGC). Whom would he prefer? Obviously the one from Fame Gurukul. The message can therfore conveyed. The degree is not to be stuck but what has to be seen is the overall personality. IIPM is FAME GURUKUL in that respect.

varun said...

on the question of downing IIPM, i would like to say something. i ask any person launching a singer in his movie. If he gets two choices viz, a singer from SANGEET ACADEMY (recognized by UGC) and other option from FAME GURUKUL(not recognized fro UGC). Whom would he prefer? Obviously the one from Fame Gurukul. The message can therfore conveyed. The degree is not to be stuck but what has to be seen is the overall personality. IIPM is FAME GURUKUL in that respect.

Ranjit said...

IIPM does not only teaches to be the so called good "manager" but also a good human being.

Anonymous said...

wat good does it do to IIM ppl by just writing crap abt IIPM....
IIM is IIM we agree...we r not saying any bullshi* things abt IIM n if we say its not going to affect IIM
but dont forget that IIPM is also an institution that teaches MBA courses n students from IIPM hv been successful at a good rate if not comparable to IIM we r not too far behind too
lets not b enemies...n let see what man is doing to man....
be happy n content that u r in IIM n let us b where we r....
dont bother much abt pony n much abt da future of IIPM students.....
u carry on ur good work n let us b happy in our business

Anonymous said...

I was a student of This Great great IIPM !!!And it saddens me to state that most promices made by this Institutes have turned out to be Bluffs !! We were promice "World Class Infrastructure", but was shifted thrice to 3 different Institutional areas. Regarding placements- most companies we appllied for never came for placements, but they definitely featured in the Big News Paper adds.BBA students are not allowed to sit for most placements as Organisations don't recognise this Unique Out of the World BBA-MBA course of 3 years ..
One must visit any of the so called IIPM campus to check out more as it might SHOCKED somebody as whether he is into some MBA college or into some Fashion show...
The Placement co-ordinators & few of IIPM staffs wnt even entertain your queries & questions...

Anonymous said...

plzzzzz!!!!!! for god sake some body let me know the fee structure for iipm mba proggrame

Anonymous said...

Well.. I am an ex student of IIPM.. It s a bogus institute carrying all fake promises...plz do not ever fall as prey by joining here... it does gud marketing to cover de attention of evry student's mindset....

Anonymous said...

I wont say I.I.P.M. only Rocks!
Yes, I.I.P.M. Rules, management education in India!
Obviously after IIMs! (for sure)

and yes one more thing...for those who criticize I.I.P.M. with slang words...It shows what type of education, culture and family background they come from...

My son studied from I.I.P.M. and is currently working with AC Nielson Bases as a Business Analyst...

I hope this much is enough for the students who have ample time to chat on the blogs and criticize.

ALL THE BEST! to all...

Raj said...

Please please someone please tell what is the FEE of IIPM ????

arjun said...

Hi Guys,

To whomsoever has started this blog.

I have been an x-IIPMite. The important issue today is not whether IIPM or IIM is recognised y UGC or AICTE. The important issue today is how good a Management graduate you are.

Insitute gives you only the degree, but its you who have to make the most of it.

See management program gives edge over other technical people to scale up in the management ladder, and this is one of the renowned reason everyone of us aspire for MBA's / PDGPM's etc.,

IIPM is being critizied by ppl who are either not benefited or scared. But lets leave all those facts, they teach gud, they have gud infrastructure. Coming to IIPM is a fashion club which offlate ppl comment in this blog.

Gud thats a fashion statement and its goes for the insututes credit. If anyone has to say this is not gud then every BE colleges, MBA institutes in Villages too have ofseen dramas. Pls dont blame on any institute of that matter.

There are ppl studying, aspiring for gud life, those students parent have high hopes on thier kids.

Still there could be some brats whos bought is not gud so they can reply against my comment. Its ok my institute has given me the maturity to act in a balanced way.

I am seeing lot of IIM's, XLRI's not performing and who are corporate fluffers and some tier 2 institution students out performing these tier 1 college grads. I see it in my own company.

What to do some are obsessed about Brands, and i believe IIPM is trying to carve out its brand and hence needs to advertise more.. which is ok.

If one takes up his career seriously any one can perform.

I have been a average student this but today i perform better than IIM's and SP Jains of the world.

Way to go guys, pls think beyond..

FYI.. i work for an MNC as a Brand Manager So who said IIPM students are not working in good companies, great jobs etc., have fire in your belly to execute then you will achieve.

This is a learning so far, and way to go too.

Happy reading guys

anirudh t said...

lets not judge iipm by its recognition....after your degree is done tell me who will ask for ur degree recognition...whoever says iipm is not worthy or making bluffs in their advertisements..let me ask you is the selection procedure in the ugc recognized colleges transparent...arent they bluffing or cheating us...talking bout iims they r a reputed institute but at the end of the day with a population of billions do u think can iim accommodate all of these...so their are institutes like IIPM who help students reach level which other ugc recognized colleges cant provide...last but not the least wats bad bout IIPM dat it provides a platform for students who aspire to achieve their goals in life...or it can provide the same r rather say a better quality education than the so called ugc recognized colleges or univ..

Chetan said...

the fees for integrated program(BBA+MBA 3yrs) is 14.47lacks(including GOTA) in delhi...... I'm going to take addmision in this college for sure.... really the college has best infrastucture and also has a CCD.... completely Air cooled and the staff members are awesum..... they all clarify your doubts instantly..... and the students studying there are quite smart and hve a perfect personality diffrent from all other college students..... The college remains neat and clean always.... for more help that i can provide u is the canteen there is amazing.... thali system with veg and non veg + a juice cornor and complete arangement for sitting..... students there r studious + fun loving..... friendly too..... for more, contact chetansinha28@gmail.com.... overall iipm specially delhi rockzzzz ..

Anonymous said...

IIPM and MS University Tours & Travel Agency!!

''The only Tours & Travel Agency which conducts admission tests for its customers'' hahahaha ;)

Tour manager: so called highly qualified "Professor" Pony Tail (holds only B.A. (Economics) of Madrass Univ. (correspondence mode) (NOBLE LAUREATE IN COMMITTING FRAUD)!!

Current Fees (sorry charges)
Rs. 8,01,000...

Enjoy the EMI's of your educational loans!!! Bye bye happy journey!!


SEE modus operandi of IIPM and M.S. University AT ( http://www.indiastudychannel.com/resources/124861-Affordable-UGC-Recognized-FullTime-BBA-EMBA.aspx )

vishal said...

I'm agree with most of the guys that IIPM is not recognized from UGC and AICTE.

But who cares?

I studied in IIPM, New Delhi (2008-10)batch and in these 2 Years, I learnt many things and on those learnings Today I am working with an America based Financial company and it has office in Gurgaon. I started working with this company on a package of 4.5 lacs pa and my current package is around 5 lacs.

Guys, frankly telling you on the basis of my Interviews experience (on campus and off campus)that in Corporate world, there are very few companied who asks for the recognized degree. In Financial sector, very first round they took is Analytical round and then comes the PI. If students doesn't clear the Analytical then they even didn't take there PI also.

The company in which I am working has 6 round recruitment process. I also undergone under all the 6 rounds and cleared all. Many students were sitting with me and lots of them were rejected b'coz they didn't clear the analytical round. I was among one of them who cleared all the six round. A non recognized institute's student gets selected and others not who were the institute of famous b-schools of India n recognized as well.

IIPM is well established institute in India and it even doesn't need an introduction also.

The people who are studying or studied in this college or related to this college, definately knows the potential of IIPM and its student's also. The faculties in IIPM are very famous and most of them are taking classes even in IIMs also. They taught us each and every thing very deeply and all those things are helping us while working.

Proud on Arindam Sir for established such a great institute in India and proud on myself also for being the part of IIPM.

I would like to thank to God and my parents for giving me an opportunity to study in IIPM.

IIPM ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well agreed that IIPM offers degree from IMI Belgium but as said by NVAO IMI Belgium is not recognized as an institution of higher learning in the Dutch or French speaking part of Belgium.
The degree is not even recognized in their own country, so basically they are offering these degrees illegally both IMI and IIPM.

Well what happened with IIPM pune this year?? Students came to know the MBA they were doing is not degree but distance learning program and not full time program of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.
Whats do u guys think??

ram said...

can any one suggest me that which one is better to take in between ugc from gulbarga university and imi belgium which one is better to choose from iipm

ram said...

can any one suggest me that which one is better to take in between ugc from gulbarga university and imi belgium which one is better to choose from iipm

Deep said...

IIPM is a liar, they tell to student that it is recognized, but it is not. I am the ex-student of IIPM, and I can say what is truth. About IIM that it is not recognized, this can be tell only by the fools who doesn't anything about IIM. IIM is not recognized but it is run by the government, so what the use of being recognized. IIPM is private institute and for entrance just give money to them they will give you admission, also when students give them the copy of their certificate, IIPM tell them for self attested. No need for attestation by gazetted officer. so IIPM is a fraud and liar. Anyone can take admission even a terrorist.

m.c.meghana said...

Guys my name is meghana im doin ma 12th n hd applied for iipm's 3yrs integrated program i.e BBA+MBA at bangalore...n i'v also paid a initial payment of 25k...yet to pay d rest..afta researching so much regarding IIPM iv got good n bad reviews as wel...n nw im vei much confused so guys jus lemme knw wat am i supposed to do???im totally confused n seekin yew guys for help n plz do it as soon as possible i'l b waiting for yewa rep....ma mail id is m.c.meghana@gmail.com

plz make it soon


Suresh Bose said...

IIPM has affiliated with Gulbarga university and it is true. BUT...... this is the ONLY true thing available. Truth is that, the other claims, that it is a regular course through IIPM in Gulbarga is all FALSE. Last years, in 2010, they were affiliated to MS university. Now they shifted to Gulbarga and rumours are there that MS university is closing and students will be offered IMI Belgium instead of MS university degree for which THEY PAID 5 LACS.

Even more, the students affiliated in Gulbarga university are somehow tortured throughout the year and faculties at IIPM try their LEVEL BEST to transfer or shift the students from Gulbarga university to IMI Belgium which is owned and controlled by IIPM (which you may know is already under controversy and is not recognized even in Belgium and the PROOF is the letter which was sent by Belgium authorities stating the same and shown to everyone on net).

They advocate reasons like

1.) The exams of Gulbarga are very uncertain,
2.) If you fail in Gulbarga university paper then there is no other option while IMI has internal exams controlled by IIPM where you can pass easily,
3.) The placements for such a degree is from very low grade companies and package is below 4 lacs despite the fact that we paid more than 4.5 Lacs for our MBA course from Gulbarga at IIPM. They advocated that companies do not look at degrees but your knowledge etc. and IMI Belgium has good placements.

Knowing these reasons, more than 80% of our class have shifted to IMI Belgium degree from Gulbarga since the start of semester in September, 2011. During the start of the semester, there were hardly one or two students in IMI begium in a class of 50 students but now ONLY 10-15 are left in Gulbarga university. I think that by the end of the 4th or last semester, only I will be left in Gulbarga university.

IIPM is most probably minting more profit by getting these students shifted to IMI Belgium which is fully owned and controlled by IIPM by giving baseless advocacy. Their degrees are also internal and they perhaps pay for getting good degrees from IMI Belgium so you can probably make out that how IIPM is unduly earning profit from it's private controversial degree of IMI Belgium.

Also, IIPM sometimes THREATENS to rusticate students for even if they protest against the faculty WITHOUT REFUNDING THEIR FEES. Our classmates once submitted a letter asking that we need a laptop which we were assured after paying the fees but we haven't got until now even thought the semester is coming to an end. The female faculty member, who is also incharged of Administration in IIPM Noida and a passout from the same college from IMI Belgium degree, threatened to rusticate us without refunding our fees.

Anonymous said...

@ suresh bose

m planing 4 doin mba from iipm nd havin some queries after reading all these.

can u plz contact me at my eamil id i.e. sparshashley@gmail.com .. it wil b so greatful if u reply as im nt intrestd 2 cleae my queries here.

wil b waiting 4 ur reply

Thank and Reagrds

Suresh Bose said...

@ Anonymous

or @ ankita

I sent you mails giving info. If u r still interested then plz reply back. Else if aren't or changed ur mind then plz tell me so that I can continue ahead.

As I said u may opt for MG University degree which is legitimate. Else it is upto u but plz inform me so that I can continue my search.


Trisanku Banerjee said...

I am an IIPM student and later on I joined IIPM itself as a Research Assistant when they thought of launching Ph.D. courses. I worked there for Three months and did not get a single penny. All they do is suck your money and commit to provide quality. If anyone charges so much of money then quality can be maintained easily. But now a day everything is gone.