Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chennnai under Water

It has been raining since 6.00 PM Oct 26th in Chennai. We closed office early and sent everybody home. I thought the rains would subside in the morning. But now it is 10.00 AM Oct 27th and rains have not stopped. I took a risk and came to Office, there is no body else here. TTK road is flooded, water up to hip level. Same with many of the suburbs. I took Mount Road, fairly clear except for the service lanes. Service lanes are ankle deep in water. Many trees have fallen down, one opposite to Peters Road junction, one on either side of Munro Statue. Till Madras Medical College the road was clear. In front of the Park Station the road was flooded. Hence went up to Central, took the Evening Bazaar Road and joined NSC Bose Road. The Flower Bazaar Area again was flooded, travelling in my Activa felt like travelling in a water scooter. With only buses plying on the road, each bus was creating waves that make navigating a two wheeler a hazardous affair :-). Some how crossed that and am in Office now, all alone except for the watchman.

The rains show no sign of stopping. All Schools and colleges and offices have declared a holiday. So why did I come to office? Partly because my dad at the age of 57 promptly went to his factory. And whoever says we stop comparing ourselves with our dads is kidding :-).

Update :11.30 AM: Still no sign of rains abating. A couple of staff have turned up with stories of all electric trains cancelled, more streets flooded.

Update :12.30 PM: It is still raining. All buses are off the road, no power supply in parts of Alwarpet, Teynampet, Kilpauk, Beasant Nagar. Corporation authorities are advicing people to stay off the roads.

Update :03.00 PM: The rain has reduced in intensity, but still continuing. Heard that Red Hills Lake is overflowing and the adjoining areas like Bharathi Nagar, Vyasarpadi are getting flooded. No way to confirm this.


F e r r a r i said...

Any idea about the long distance trains? Are they also cancelled?

Till now they were diverting the bangalore-chennai trains via salem.

Lets hope rain stops!!!!

Chenthil said...

Stations are flooded. I think the trains are cancelled but am not sure. Will update if I get further info

Echo/Lavanya said...

As far as I've heard, electric trains were not plying beyond Kodambakkam due to flooding of the tracks. MTC bus frequency is unpredictable but some buses are running. A lot of low lying areas in the city are really flooded. Some houses in Anna Nagar have knee-deep water on their ground floor. Adambakkam is flooded too. Some parts of T Nagar near the Mount Road side seem to be reasonably better off because the power supply is still available.

It is 2:50pm now and the rain shows no sign of stopping. The wind is howling as well.

Harish said...

chiiiiinnng in the raaiinnn!

the water level's gone down at home. Giving us a good view of how much muck it's brought in! :(

Navin said...


Good post. I was searching for some updates on chennai rains. I know I could bet on your blog :-)

Would be great if you keep us (unlucky folks who are missing chennai rains) upto date on the happenings..

Thanks Much

Bachelor said...

Miss Chennai man. I am sure my former office would be working. they are slave drivers. rain or shine office first. Cant wait till Nov 15th when I am in chennai.

thanks for the news mate.

Bachelor said...


The deep depression, which lay centered about 250 km east of Chennai in the Bay of Bengal, is likely to intensify further and cross north Tamil Nadu and south Andhra Pradesh coast between Chennai and Ongole on Friday morning.

A special bulletin issued by the weather office in Chennai on Thursday said the depression had slightly moved in the west-north westerly direction and was likely to intensify further and move in the same direction.

Under the influence, heavy rains and gales reaching a speed of 55 to 65 km per hour in the north westerly direction along and off the north Tamil Nadu coast and Pondicherry were likely during the next 24 hours, the bulletin warned.

- rediff

Chenthil. Grab a blanket, hot coffee and pakoras and watch a good movie at home mate. No point braving it out and getting to work!

tilotamma said...


Anonymous said...

Ferrari: Heard from the Radio News (around 2pm) that trains were cancelled till Friday afternoon. Most likely the Friday trains will be delayed by more than a couple of hours. That's assuming there is no further water logging in the tracks by tomorrow afternoon.

Deepa said...

Hope the rain doesn't cause much damage. Finally, Chennai kids too can sing rain rain Go Away!

Chenthil said...

Train services are back to normal, though with delayed timings. City life is normal, and I think the bloggers meet is still on, what say ferrari?

Bachelor said...

Bloggers meet in Chennai? When and where?