Thursday, September 22, 2005

Trucker Trivia

Ever wondered what happens to the attractive screen printed hoardings that dot and mar the city? All those witty copy written by erudite copy writers - well, most of them are reversed and used as tarpaulin to cover the cargo in trucks. Wherever simple protection is needed instead of the heavy duty canvas tarpaulin, these are used. And they are sold as advertisement tarpaulins.


Ramnath said...

"All those witty copy written by erudite copy writers..."

Chenthil, do you have someone in mind :-)

Nilu said...

That is either a bad buisness or my dad entered it at the wrong time.

He ventured into the hoarding buisness in the mid 90's and lost a lot money - ya in Madras.

Result : We still have a lot of material rusting away in our yard9which thanfully is "2 grounds"....I will ask my mom to check if it can be sold now :)

lazygeek said...

yep hoarding business is now completely occupied by vinyl boards printed by computer generated prints. and those guys are minting tons and tons. i knew a few of them who are already millionaires on this business.

BTW, ramnath let's be open about that 'someone in mind'. his nick starts with C and ends with C and nothing inbetween. I hope ravages doesn't find this insulting him . sorry thalaiva !!

Chenthil said...

Ramnath - You know who the recipient of the dig is. :-)

Nilu - Hoarding business in Madras is now completely under the politicians control. So it is difficult for others to make money from it

Lazy - I don't think CCG will be offended. I am just baiting him to comment in my post

karthik r said...

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. This is a perfect example of reducing waste (even though un-intended). Love it.