Saturday, September 03, 2005

Madras Quiz questions

These are ten questions from the Madras Day Quiz conducted at PS Higher Secondary school on Aug 28th. The answers are given in the comments section. The next set of questions will be posted some time later to give you some respite. If the questions are duds (some of them are), blame the quiz master, not me.

1. Which Film Maker's company is called Madras Talkies?

2. Name the National award winning director of the movie "Kutti"?

3. Which Chennai Resident has reached the semifinals of Wimbledon Tennis Championship?

4. Which Chennai based musician was awarded the Bharat Ratna?

5. What is the entire length of the Marina Beach?

6. Which resident of Madras was also the CM of Andhra Pradesh?

7. Pincode 600036 represents which area? (I missed this one - literally and figuratively)

8. What was the earlier name of National Art Gallery?

9. When did the French occupy Fort St. George?

10. Name the group of cinema theatres named after precious stones?


Chenthil said...

1. Maniratnam

2. Janaki Viswanathan

3. Ramanathan Krishnan

4. M.S. Subbulakshmi

5. 13 km (CCG said 17, and I had not idea so we missed this)

6. Andhra Kesari Tanguturi Prakasam

7. IIT Madras (I missed this question also IIT JEE 13 years)

8. Victoria Art Gallery (I guessed it as Munro Art Gallery)

9. 1746

10. Blue Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald (now defunct)

a4avaiz said...

hello. I am sure you are the right person for this query.

do u have any information abt the history of Anna Nagar, esp the significance of the Anna Arc/Gate?

if so, then pls do mail me at


Santhosh Guru said...

Thanks for sharing the questions.
Some of them are really duds :)).

Nilu said...

Some - whats with the remaining?

ammani said...

Okay, you may be the right person to answer this.
While on holiday in Dorset, stayed in a village which was right next to another village called Abbotsbury. Now, my question to you is, AVM Rajeswari Kalyana Mandabam (I think) used to be called that. Any idea why? No, this is not a quiz q. I don't know why and thought you might have the answer.

Kaps said...


I guess Abottsbury was located somewhere next to the current Sun TV office (in Teynampet). AVM Rajeswari was never called Abbotsbury.

Chenthil said...

Avaiz, Anna Nagar was built to host the delegates of Second International Tamil Conference held at Madras in 1968. Later it was named after C.N. Annadurai. The arch was built to commomerate his 75th birth anniversary in 1984.

Ammani, Abbotsbury hall is no more. It was situated next to Anna Arivalayam in Mount Road. It was demolished and the Magunta Oberoi hotel construction was started by the Oberoi Group and Telugu Desam MP Magunta Subbarami Reddy. But the MP was killed by Naxals, and the project was abondoned. You can still see the almost completed building standing next to Sun TV office.

But why was it called Abbotsbury, I have no idea. The Abbotsbury name still lives in Madras with the convention halls in Hotel Sindoori named Abbotsbury and a block of flats in CP Ramaswamy road.

Vasudev Udhatya said...

Questions are really sub standard!

Marthandam Pillai Raja said...

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