Friday, September 30, 2005

Licence to Kiss

Further to the private party which was termed as obscene dancing in public by a gate crashing Newspaper, the Commissioner of Police has suspended the licence of The Park Hotel for 90 days. The Hotel went to court, and the learned Judge has said the case will come up for hearing on Oct 1st and till then no new guests should be lodged in, because the complaints against the hotel are fairly serious. The Police have been restrained from closing the hotel till Oct 1st and evicting the existing guests.

Yeah, we are the preservers of culture. All you people coming to Chennai shall hence forth get a licence to kiss. These shall be given by the Commisar and will be valid only in private places. Private places are those where the Commisar does not intrude into. The Commisar can and will intrude wherever he likes, be it a party hall or your bedroom. And while engaged in the act of kissing, you shall make sure that no newspaper photograper is around. If he photographs you and splashed it in the front page, the Commisar shall revoke your licence to kiss.

Drinking is a serious issue. Thiruvalluvar wrote the chapter of abstinence (Kallunnaamai) in Thirukkural 2000 years ago to prevent the non Tamils from spoiling the pristine purity of Tamil Culture. Due to modernisation we accept Tamil men drinking, but Tamil women never drink. Or lets put it other way, a woman who drinks is not a Tamilian.


Anonymous said...

Well said !!!

Whatz happening here is bullshit.. Damn got to do some thing..

Vinesh said...

There is no word in the thamizh agaraadhi for abusing these *%&&$&@*s

Jeevan said...

licence for kiss! nadu ketu pochu

Uma Krishna said...

hi,I'm UmaKrishna new blogger. I've not started writing anything as yet. Have been visiting Dubukku's, Chakra's and your postings. unga posts romba nalla irukku.