Friday, August 26, 2005

Any Indian Blogger in Glasgow?

After convincing my boss that my trip to the UK conference will go a long way in selling more potatoes, I am off to UK in the second week of September. I have a punishing schedule, will land in London on 11th September (yeah, I am tempting fate) immediately catch a bus to Glasgow. Spend 12th & 13th in Glasgow and back by bus to London on 14th. Conference in London on 14th and 15th. Spend some time on 16th to meet clients and leave to Leeds by evening to catch up with a friend. Leave from Manchester on 18th. So I guess I will be meeting Dubukku on 15th evening to discuss post-modernistic-neo-magical-realism (check the comments of the previous post). If by any chance there is an Indian blogger in Glasgow / Leeds do drop in a message, I will try to meet you.

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Joseph Rajadurai said...

Chen, Have fun in the UK? I have started blogging too... it is in its infancy.. but it is quite an enjoyment to do that although no one really reads what I write. :-)

I see that you are a real veteran when it comes to this..