Monday, July 25, 2005

A blogmeet and a week end

The Blog meet this time around was held at the Madras Boat Club, on the banks of Adyar River (yes it is a river). There was a huge crowd this time around, probably due to the location. The names that I remember are

Kiruba (Sify)
Somu (Sify)
Vijay( Businessman)
CCG (Copywriter)
Harish (Student)
Nirenjan (HCL Tech)
Ravikumar (Resort Dev. Auth)
Vijay (Isoft)
Samanth Subramanian (Writer)
Ram Viswanathan (IBM)
Kumara Raghavan (Melbourne visitor to Chennai)
Chinmayi (Singer)
Vinod G (Software)
Anil (TCS)
Prabhu Karthik (Software)
Vaibhav( Software)
Archana (Software)
Prashanth (MBA Student)
Vijay (MBA Student)

and there were some more names I missed - a journo from Indian Express who doesn't blog, the girl in the second photo and a guy named Sudhir (I think). With such a huge crowd, after introductions and attempts by Enfield Marketing manager to steer the talk towards Royal Enfield trips, the meeting broke up into smaller groups having varied discussions.

Couple of photos from CCG's camera.

Kiruba (in red T shirt), Me, Vijay (businessman), Vijay(MBA Student), Prashanth

Prabhu Karthik, Kruthik(missed his url), Chinmayi (in yellow T Shirt), One more whom I missed, Kumara Rghavan (in checked shirt), Vaibhav (in green T shirt)

Sunday we had planned a get together of my classmates from LIBA at the MGM Beach resort. 16 out of 25 confirmed members turned up. Had a nice time doing nothing as seen in this photograph.


K.Shyam said...

hi chenthil;
my url is this :
and the guy whom u missed out it hari of !

Chenthil said...

Made the corrections Shyam. And thanks for reminding about the missing guy, I remember he introduced himself as Prashanth.

Somu said...


Looks like you could remember most names. Super. It was nice meeting yu the other day !

F e r r a r i said...

Nallave gnabam vachi irukeenga sir. Sad I missed the meet :-(
Indha week madras varen. Oru meet yerpadu pannalaama?

sathish said...

eppadi ellaroda peyar nyabagam vechindu irrundeenga??
nice meeting u & of course the location brought in more people!!!

sathish said...

one small thing if i can point out.. after writting the comments there is no way that i can go back to home page!!
believe u need 2 provide a link for HOME..

sathish said...

to add am blog rolling you

Chenthil said...

Somu, it was just that I knew half the crowd from earlier meets :-)

Ferrari, am going to Calicut this weekend, so probably next time you are in Chennai, we'll meet.

Satish, thanks for increasing the number of comments :-). I borrowed this template from the net, will try to tweak it to give the link