Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Pen

Land doubled in value
when he signed sale deeds
with the pen.
Stocks rose and rose
when he signed buy orders
with the pen.
Clients came in droves
when he signed contracts
with the pen.
It was his lucky charm
he told everyone
though the pen
never made him
a writer as he dreamt.


ammani said...

Ironic that! Good one. Was it deliberately broken, like a deconstructed poem? Did you consider having it as running prose?

Chenthil said...

It wasn't meant to be prose, but when I started to use rhyming words, the poem seemed to lose its beat. So decided to go with decontructed poem. Have to hone my skills in poetry writing further. Thanks for the comment

tilotamma said...


The Man with the Golden Pen?

Cannot comment on technique but people came in 'droves' not drove. Please correct that typo so it reads better.

Chenthil said...

Thanks Tilo. My wife too pointed out the typo, corrected now.