Friday, May 27, 2005

On Top of The World, ... er, Chennai

This is the Residency Towers Hotel at Pondy Bazzar T Nagar. Their pub has a dress code of compulsory shoes, so I don't go there and have ranted about it. Now they have opened up a restaurant on the roof top, called The Crown. The attraction of the roof top was too much to resist, so I went there for my birthday dinner.

The roof top restaurant has two parts, one with closed roof and another in the over hang, open to the sky. There was a strong breeze and the ambience was just heavenly. Imagine, 14 floors up, the lights of Chennai blinking around you, strong breeze blowing, cocktail of vodka, rum and blue curacao, sizzling Kabuli Paneer Kebab, and discussing about the greatest song of Ilaya Raja... life can't get better than this.

Food is good, but the ambience is what The Crown is all about. A dinner for two costs about Rs. 800.00. The open to sky portion can seat only 8 groups, so better reserve (2815 6363) before you go. And do remember to take a camera, you get an awesome view of Chennai. I forgot, so have borrowed the picture from The Residency website. As like any other corporate, their website still hasn't been updated about this new restaurant.


Navin said...

I have once rejected entry into the "Bike n Barrel" for going in sneakers. I wondered we need formal wear for entry . Chenthil et al, any idea ?

I am in London now and they don't seem to care what we wear. I frequented some very famous bars here and there are no restrictions whatsoever.

OK, coming back to chennai. I also enjoyed Hotel Residency's bar and Quality Inn's bar (being not so affluent to visit Residency towers each weekend :-(

Chenthil said...

Navin, I think these pubs (that insist on formal shoes/ collared shirts) are trying to be exclusive. Their reason that people who wear shoes behave better in public places is nothing short of racism.

I have pleasant memories of the Quality Inn Sabari Grammy Bar, it was there I watched the entire India - Pak 2003 world cup match. It was just awesome to watch Sachin cut Shoaib to pieces, and with liquid refreshments, it was an evening to remember.