Thursday, May 12, 2005

"Congratulations. It is only Tuberculosis"

He was watching the doctor closely. From the first day, the doctor was always serious, never smiled. He remembered reading somewhere that Oncologists never smile because they lose a large percent of their patients. He wanted to see the doctor's reaction to his biopsy report.

The doctor quickly scanned through the report and came to the end where it read "No indications of Lymphoma". A slow smile creeped on to the doctor's face. The wrinkles vanished and the room became pleasant. "I am happy to say that enlargement of your lymph nodes is not due to Lymphoma or Hodgkin's disease. It is only due to Tuberculosis".

You see, lymphoma is a type of cancer and Hodgkins disease is the disease that fells Matthew, Kane's friend in the novel Kane and Able. So both the doctor and patient were happy that it was only tuberculosis.

It was probably the only occasion when a doctor was happy to inform that the patient had tuberculosis.
No this is not an attempted short story, this is a true life incident. The patient was me, and this happened when I was 22. The company doctor who had diagnosed first gave me six months. I trust my instincts too much, and my instincts told me that it was rubbish, I didn't feel like I was going to die.

But it was hard for my family members. During the two weeks between biopsy and the results, I was the only person in my home who laughed.

Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy due to Tuberculosis was so easy to get cured of, just tablets for 9 months and another X ray and I was cured. As simple as that.

Though I wasn't afraid of the disease, the incident left a stong impression on me. Everyday is to be enjoyed now, as I am living on a bonus lifetime. Enjoy Life.


YardBoy said...

We love "survivor" stories ;^)

Anand could direct, RK could attempt to play you, etc.

ammani said...

This is like reading my story! Difference is, I was 21 at that time. No, the lesson learnt is long forgotten.

Chenthil said...

Hi OJ, I am willing to write the script and dialogues :-), btw who is RK?

Ammani, glad you too survived. Would have missed your quick tales ;-). My lessons are still remembered.

Ram.C said...

good that, you are intact and sharing your thoughts.. this will boost the confidence to the fellow readers..

Ravi said...

Hmmm...and I thought TB was easily curable, these days? Was the doctor nuts or somethin'? BTW, not for nothing do I subscribe to "Carpe Diem"! Ill or otherwise, live and enjoy life, chum!

YardBoy said...

RK = Rajnikant, tho he could become busy with the Veerappan epic ;^)

Santhosh said...


I'm startled how you could come through, with that much confidence. I'm really amazed!


Chenthil said...

Yardboy, RK won't fit in this movie. You need some one dark and skinny for this role :-).

Santosh, it wasn't very difficult. At the age of 22, everybody has this sense of invincibility, nothing can ever happen to me kind of feeling.

tilotamma said...

Wow! I had not read this before.