Monday, January 10, 2005

28th Chennai Book Fair

Paid a first visit to the 28th Chennai Book Fair yesterday. It was a hurried visit, I hardly spent two hours there. This has now become sort of an annual pilgrimage. Met with CCG, Rajni Ramki (Tamil Blog). Saw writers Asokamithran, Manushyaputhiran, Sundara Ramasamy and publisher Badri Seshadri (Tamil Blog). I somehow feel uncomfortable talking to the writers whose works I worship. It is like this, I feel so comfortable with their words and have an image of how the author would be. Talking to them may change that, so I prefer to be an anonymous fan.

Books bought - Kagidha Malargal by Aadhavan (Uyirmmai Publishers), Jeyamohan's review of Tamil Writers (Kaalachuvadu Publishers), JJ Sila Kurippugal by Sundara Ramasamy (Kaalachuvadu Publishers).

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