Saturday, January 15, 2005

28th Chennai Book Fair - II

Visited the book fair for the second time. Was supposed to meet Lazy Geek at the Uyirmmai stall where Sujatha was visiting, but couldn't see him. So bought Aki, a book of poems by Mukundh Nagarajan and got it signed by Sujatha. His book is completely different from his blog :-).

Bought a couple of more books and then went to Kizhakku Pathippagam. By this time had run out of cash, so bought only the first volume of Asoka Mithran's Collection of essays. While billing, Badri asked why not buy both volumes. I said "I have run out of cash" and then inadvertently let it slip, "If only you accept credit cards..". It turned out they accepted credit cards, so I fished out mine, without turning to face my glaring expense controller, my wife. And thus ended up spending more than what I planned.

When I told Badri I follow his blog regularly, he was pleased and asked me, "Where are you working Sir?". Was it due to the fact that I look far older than my 29 years and 7 months or was it good customer service?. I assume it is the former, because people have asked me earlier whether I was thirty when I was actually 22.


Anonymous said...

hey Chenthil.. U married!!! Gosh I never Knew.. Hehehe

How are u .. long time since I came to this Blog-kingdom...
have to start whatever I left back... Hmmm


Chenthil said...

Oi, been married for 4 years now :-). Good to see you back.