Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Snatches of conversation in a day

Overheard while dropping my daughter at school

Teacher : Why are you late today?
Student : Sir, my mom got up late today, hence breakfast was delayed, so I am late to school
Teacher tries hard to control his laughter

Discussion between an Unkind Friend (UKF) and me
Me: You know, when I was in college I set myself 4 goals to achieve before 30. To get a house of my own, marry the woman I want to, get myself a car and write a book.
UKF: I should say, you set yourself some easy goals.
Me: (ignoring the remark) Well, I have a house, I have married the woman I wanted to, I can get a car any time I wish, only thing pending is the book.
UKF: So, the only worthwhile goal is still left. Why don't you start writing instead of cribbing.
Me: Everytime I want to, I get a writer's block.
UKF: You know what, writer's block is God's way of telling that you aren't meant to be a writer.

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