Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Veerappan is dead

The forest brigand Veerappan, hiding in the forests of TamilNadu and Karnataka, is finally dead. It has been 15 years since the Special Task Force was formed to capture him, and most of us had given up any hope of him being captured. But to be fair to STF, their operations were emasculated during the DMK regime from 1996-2001. Most of us were sure that he will not be taken alive, since it is better for the politicians to capture him dead. Think of this, he has abducted many people and got huge ransoms, but living for 20 years in the forest where could he have spent it? Who were his contacts outside the forest? Questions some people don't want to be answered.

In the late 1990s there was a definite spin to the whole story by the Tamil Separatist forces portraying him as a brave Tamil against Kannadiga oppressors. Thank God, that this line of thought died soon.

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