Monday, September 27, 2004

La Madeleine - French restaurant in Alwarpet

Visited La Madeleine, a french cuisine restaurant in Alwarpet, Chennai. This being my first taste of French cuisine, I was absolutely bowled over. I had only the basic Cottage Cheese Sandwich, still it was enough to make one go ga ga about French food. The restaurant has a nice decor and is hardly crowded -hefty prices make sure of that, but it is definitely worth it. They have a separate Dessert Parlour called "Painted Platters" which is a must if you love desserts. Since we went as a group of four, each of us took a different dessert and had a variety of desserts to choose from. Tiramisu, Kir Royal, Mud pie, Chocholate Concordet - it was a foodies heaven. Don't ask me what they are, everything had chocolate and cream, that's all I know. Great place.

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