Friday, August 06, 2004

A dialogue - real time

She: I have lost xxxxx amount of cash (sobbing)
He: Oh is it, can you remember where you kept your wallet?
She: No (still sobbing)
He: C'mon try to remember, you came back from the hotel, then we went for a walk. Did you have your wallet with you then?
She: I say, I can't remember (getting angry)
He: Let's remember the scene once again
She: You men are always like this, when I am upset can't you stop asking questions (angrier)
He: Hey, all I am trying to is to solve your problem practically
She: Oh god, will you please shut up. I don't need your so called practical advice. Men are so heartless (back to sobbing)

It is true, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus :-)

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