Friday, July 02, 2004

Main Street - Restaurant in Residency Towers, Chennai

Main Street, the 24 hr restaurant in Residency Towers Chennai is hosting a four directions food festival, food from all four directions of India. The festival is for 12 days from June 23 to July 4.

The restaurant is designed like a main street with lot of knick knacks and signs boards for ambience. The vegetarian dishes were truly representative of all directions - Mochakottai kulambu( hardly ever seen in restaurants), Darbari Alu mutter, Poosanikkai Kondakadalai perattu (Pumpkin with Black Channa), Paneer Butter Masala. The dishes taste as they should without any additional colourings or embellishments. The Kashmiri Pulao was delicious. Kadambam Brinji (Briyani south indian style) was refreshingly spicy as it should be , not like the bland fried rice. The spread also had Pasta and Noodles, I wonder from which part of India they were.

But the winner was the dessert section. Mango Souffle, Mango payasam, Peda, Caramel Custard, Black Currant Icecream, Butter pudding, Coconut crepe - for a person with sweet tooth like me it was heaven. I had all those mentioned above and felt on top of the world.

Charges per person is Rs. 300.00, better reserve a table (28156363 - extension Main Street) before you go or you may have to wait. The festival is drawing good crowds.

Oh, I forgot to mention the occassion for our eating out - my wife lost her credit card :)

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