Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Whose India is it anyway?

I am a keen follower of Indian Politics though I have hardly written anything about it in my blog. The whole hysteria of "How can an Italian be the Indian PM" is getting on my nerves, so here are my thoughts on this issue.

1. "It is because of illiterate Indian voters" - This is the most stupid and arrogant argument of the parivar. When the same voters voted for BJP in 1998, 1999 and other elections Indian democracy was shining , but if they vote against us they are stupid. It smacks of feudalism, the servile are supposed to follow us mentality.

2. "India will go down the drain" - Many of those who argue impassionately that the feel good will be gone are those who hardly have seen and Indian village. And 70% of India still lives in villages with hardly any roads or primary health facility. And these villagers are angry because the prosperity of India Shining has not trickled down and they used the vote to show their anger.

3. "Indian voter doesn't understand the sovereignity issues" - Yeah he doesnt have time to think about whether his PM is Indian or Italian, he is more concerned about Bijli Sadak Pani, the same reason he voted out Digvijay Singh in MP, Naidu in AP and Atalji in Lok Sabha elections.

4. "Sonia is naive, Sonia is corrupt, Sonia is stupid " - She might be all these, but so are 90% of Indian politicians. The Indian voter is tired of one set of politicians and has changed to another set. Sonia may be no better or no worse than all those who have governed us so far

5. "I am ashamed that a foreigner is going to rule my country" - Curiously most of those who argue so are not in India, but settled cosily in western countries. If you can't live in your country with its problems and go to other countries to escape these issues, then you can't comment on what your country men who live here do

If any body is reading my blog, brick bats please

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