Saturday, April 24, 2004

Ayrton Senna - a tribute

Surviving is easy enough. That's what men have excelled in for thousands of years. But living is not easy, especially if you wanted to live like Ayrton Senna da Silva did. And die like he did.

"Cowards die many times
before their deaths.
The valiant never taste of death
but once."
- Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Let me make it clear, I have never seen Ayrton Senna racing. I got hooked to F1 racing only in 1998 and even then only with a passive interest in the sport. But to read Nirmal Shekar wax lyrical about Senna was an experience in itself. Regular readers of The Hindu must be aware of the poet amongst soprts columnists, Nirmal Shekar. He is at his best when talking about heroes, and doesn't fall for the latest to grab the 15 minutes of fame. Over the years he has written well crafted pieces on Pete Sampras and Sachin Tendulkar. Go read his article on Ayrton Senna here. Even if you know nothing about F1, it is still a masterpiece.

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