Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Thanjavoor Vegetarian

On sunday, I suddenly decided to go on a bike ride in the ECR (East Coast Road) with my wife and daughter. It is the only Chennai road in which you can enjoy a ride, the four lane highway bereft of potholes that characterize every other road in Chennai.

This was the first time I travelled by bike in the ECR and on the way back we stopped at a restaurant named "Thanjavoor Vegetarian". It was just a big room with no frills. The place could seat about 60 people, though they had only 30 seats. So there was no jostling around and enough space to take a walk about after ordering. The menu was simple - Dosa varieties, Idli, Parotta, rice and coffee.

But it was one of the best food I have had outside home. The Dosa's were crisp but not brittle, chutney that had the right amount of spice, and coffee served in dabara (sort of cup and saucer in eversilver material) that was just too good. My idea of good coffee is it should leave a slight bitter taste after you finish it, not very sweet.

The rates were nominal and I left the place with a pleasant feeling. So if you are a vegetarian traveeling on ECR, make sure you visit this place. It is located opposite to Prarthana Drive in Theater.

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