Friday, September 26, 2003

I am going to participate in this year's Chennai Marathon. Er.. not the full version but the corporate version, that is 5km race. Tried to participate last year, but could not get the peer support (meaning no body was as mad as me).

This year I found about the Chennai Runners group, thanks to Kirubasankar. They run on tue, thurs and saturdays, 21km each day. yeah right 21 kms. The location is Anna University, they start at 4.00 A.M and run 7 laps of 3.6 km each. I joined them this thursday and managed to complete (walk + run) 12 km. Not bad for a beginner I was told. At the end of the session when we were about to leave, Sunita (fitness consultant and Ms. Motivator) asked how about tomorrow? She saw the expression in my face and laughed. I mumbled," I thought next session is on Sunday". Came back home with a grin in my face and ache all over. Sunday is only two days away

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